Following are some examples of my published writing:

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Cine-Manga cover

Star Trek: Shinsei Shinsei

Story Title: ORPHANS

When editor Aaron Suhr asked me if I had any ideas for the Star Trek manga, I tried not to leap out of my seat. I love mixing universes as long as each stays true to itself and I thought it would be cool to pit the primary manga space vehicle against the Enterprise. I was unbelivably fortunate to have EJ Su illustrate this story... he is a fabulous artist and a brilliant storyteller!
This was reprinted in a collected edition released by Tokyopop and as part of a massive Star Trek Graphic Novels collection in 2019.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Cine-Manga cover

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Cine-Manga adapatation

A retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy using frames grabbed from the films themselves. It was great fun to go through this entire film frame-by-frame. This movie gave us Jabba the Hutt, our first look at a Jedi in action, speeder-bikes and the biggest space-battle we'd ever seen.

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine

Writing features and creating activities for a youth-oriented magazine for global release. Wrote most of the copy for at least seven issues.

Phineas and Ferb Magazine

Phineas and Ferb Magazine

Writing features and creating activities for at least ten issues of a youth-oriented magazine for global release.

Marvel Swimsuit Magazine

Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine (Attilan)

There was an internal contest at Marvel to come up with a location within the Marvel Universe for each year's swimsuit edition. I didn't realize that making the winning suggestion would mean I got to write copy for the issue as well. It was an interesting project and I loved getting to be a part of a project with so much beautiful artwork.

What The--?! vol 1 issue 11 cover

What The--?!


Humor story in which She-Hulk battles a supermarket full of re-animated food. If you like food puns, sink your teeth into this one! (See what I did there?)

Product copywriting

Wrote product descriptions for hundreds of products in an online store (samples available on request).

Smoke Magazine

Article: A lively account of the death of a dot-com (full text available on request)

Convention Programming

Wrote skits and live ads for Marvel convention programming, including TUFF TALK, a talk show co-hosted by Wolverine and Lobo (two characters who couldn't go more than a minute or two without breaking into a fight).